Are your phones, computers screens, and other text that is up-close starting to get blurry?

Presbyopia is the age-related changes in the eye that cause near objects to become blurry. Here’s the problem

[image of human life span vs age of onset of presbyopia] [also could include increase in time spent looking up close]

*presbyopia is a condition that occurs earlier but is symptomatic for most people occur in young-40s

Our eyes aren’t keep up with us, and to add to that, we’re asking them to do more up-close work.

Uncovering how to get your eyes to keep up with your lifestyle

The goal of this site is to figure how to get your eyes to keep up with you.

Presbyopia isn’t vision-threatening. It’s a focusing issue. In other words, you’re capable of seeing well, but you just need help.

This doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly annoying, so that the purpose of this site.

Cover the best practices, newest treatments, and what’s in store for the future for treating presbyopia. In other words, how can you live your best life without the constant annoyance of blurry near vision. After all, half of our lives (estimated statistic) is spent looking up close at screens.

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